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Diesel Polishing Service


Our New Diesel polishing Machine


  •  Cleans a 200lt tank in 30mins


  •  Removes Dirt


  •  Removes Water


  •  Protects your engine

Cost Effective method  with results you can see !!!


We sample your tank first so you can see any problems,

The Problem

New bio fuels have a greater ability to collect and absorb water creating an ideal environment for microbial growth commonly know as 'Diesel Bug'. Cells can multiply 2 million times in 24 hours and die within 48 hours falling to the bottom of your fuel storage tank as sludge. As the percentage bio content in fuel increases so will the problem!

The Result

Fuel line blockages, worn components including pumps and injectors, poor economy and emissions, all combine to eventually cause engine failure, expensive repairs, call outs and warranty exemptions.

The Solution

Ensure 'dry' fuel is always in your fuel tank, by regularly filtering out water and contaminants using our diesel filtering service.i

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